Long Lost Friend

For some it’s a blanket.  For others it’s a special toy or an imaginary friend.  For me it was Garfield.  He kept the monsters away, was a source of companionship, and gave me a sense of security.  He was my constant companion and I couldn’t imagine trying to make it through the night with out him.  As a result, he suffered.  He became filthy, his hair started to come out, his stripes faded making him look dirtier than he was,and he lost most of his left eye (this was a result of me chewing on it…I don’t know why).  What looks like dirt on his left leg was where he underwent surgery and had to have it sewn back on after it was partially ripped off.  I found him buried in a bin in my closet, smashed underneath a collection of junk that hasn’t seen the light of day since elementry.  After all he did for me this is how I reapaid him.  Sorry Garfield…and for the eye too!



11 thoughts on “Long Lost Friend

  1. Poor Garfield, looks like he was beaten up and got his lunch money stolen. This post reminds me that I must retrieve my oldest possession: a teddy bear I got the day I was born. Mental note to self: save the panda, save the world.

  2. Mine was an old dog I named Spot. I sucked on his ears and they got all crusty and full of holes. I found him in a box when I was moving my stuff out of mom’s garage and didn’t say anything. Poor dog deserves a proper burial as opposed to living with moth balls under a baby blanket in some random box. Does Garfield now have a prized sleeping spot on your bed?

  3. Poor Garfield. It looks like he served you well!

    I had a yellow blankie that I carried around (only at home…no Linus complex) until it started to dry rot. I had a remnant of it framed for preservation purposes, and I think the craft store thought I was a little crazy. (It’s hanging in the nursery now).

  4. morethananelectrician: Oh great, I am Sid! LOL! At least the abuse was out of love and not maliciousness. I’m sorry to say that I did have a few barbies that looked an awful lot like those in Toy Story – but I thought I was helping them look more beautiful, I was wrong and that’s why I’m not a beautician. And yes, I really did gnaw his eye off.

    duffboy: Love the Heroes reference – I’m sure saving the panda will save the world! And I agree, Garfield does look like he had his lunch money stolen. Poor thing!

    Pammy Girl: Even after all I put Garfield through he does NOT have a prized sleeping spot on my bed. But I didn’t put him back in the box either. He’s sitting ON TOP of a pile of junk in my closet.

    Allison: I think that’s a cute idea to frame that piece of cloth and hang it in your nursery. In a way, that idea reminded me of a moment in the movie Juno that I thought was kind of sweet. I don’t want to ruin the movie so you’ll have to go see it to know what I mean.

  5. I had a doll named Molly. She ended up with one eye permanently opened and one permanently shut (those old fashioned open/shut eyes that they don’t usually put on dolls anymore). I chewed her fingers until they looked like paddles & her hair turned into a brillo pad. I was oddly dissappointed when I did NOT find her in the boxes that mom had for me in the attic.

  6. Billy: The cutest thing you’ve seen? Hmm, I’m not sure about that but you’re dead on when you say he looks stoned! HAHA!! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at him the same again – poor guy.

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