Really CNN?

Everyday there are sites that I check out to keep me up to date on what’s going on in the world.  For the celebrity world I turn to or  But for the real world I turn to CNN to provide the latest on the important things going on.  CNN, a credible, serious news outlet that posts the facts on the most important issues of the day.  So when I saw this article as one of the TOP STORIES no less, I had to wonder.  As if this group of women don’t already have other issues as a matter of public discussion right now, CNN had to go throw this in the mix.  I mean really, is Heidi Klum a new correspondant that I didn’t know about?

6 thoughts on “Really CNN?

  1. I agree with what you said, especially your empathy about what the group of women are experiencing. But I have to admit that, when I followed the link above, I found the article interesting. I think it could have been a serious piece of journalism if the author had focused on clothing influenced by religions generally and not sort of exploited the situation. Course, I’m sort of a geek about anthropology and the like.

  2. Faith v. Fashion. Slow news day!

    Maybe someone should just drop off a couple of new patterns for them to use. Those things are so thin now, you could only get a couple of dresses out of them before you’d have to get another one!

  3. Citizen D: Actually an article about clothing influenced by different religions would be interesting – Jews, Hindus, Muslims, ect. Keeping in mind the real issues going on with this group of people, I found this article just tacky.

    morethananelectrician: Maybe a few new patterns would do them some good! Though I give props to them for even knowing how to make their own clothes. Sorry to say that I have difficulty sewing buttons back on mine.

  4. I love how they say that Chloe Sevigny who plays a polygamist on a tv show may be starting a trend. Yeah, because the prairie look is sooo hot! For cryin out loud, it’s not like Chloe is wearing her costumes out for a night of LA clubbing.

  5. Sarah: Good grief! Like that fashion is ever going to take off! There was some article I read, maybe the same one?, and they were interviewing one of the actresses from that show asking her about what was going on in Texas and how she feels the show relates. Uh hello!! She’s only an actress that reads lines on a script for crying out loud. And the crazy thing was that she was answering as though she were some authority on polygamy and could understand what these women were going through to a degree b/c of the character she plays. What a joke!

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