I’ve decided that I want a dog.  And I want to name him Marlow.  I have no idea where this idea originated from but it’s stuck in my mind and I can’t get it out – especially now that I have a name.  Part of the irony is that I am not an animal person, never have been.  Besides a brief stunt of having a dog we named Paco, my family has not been pet owners (yes I know at some point there were two cats but they both died when I was incredibly young and the fish I had for a few weeks doesn’t count).  And the idea is strange because when I’m around other people’s dogs I’m not overly affectionate.  They smell, slobber, and leave hair everywhere.  But surely if I had my own I would love him no matter what – kind of like having your own kid.


And speaking of having your own kid, I talked with a co-worker this morning about the similarities and differences between having a dog and a child.  Since I have neither, I don’t really know what I’m talking about but I decided that the dog would be harder in the begining and then get easier while the child would be the opposite.  I thought about all the shots, the house breaking, the smell, slobber, hair, food consumption, fleas, ticks, and all other things that go along with a dog but I still want one…and a larger one like a lab, not one of those yippy ones that celebrities think are accessories.


I currently live in a condo that doesn’t allow pets so for now, the decision is made for me.  But fingers crossed, I’ll be moving in the next few months.  Maybe it’s time for Marlow after all.


12 thoughts on “Marlow

  1. You know what? I can’t help but go gooo goooo every single time I see a puppy. I think you should do it!
    A puppy – he/she will give you unconditional love and will listen to anything and everything you say. Perfect companion!
    Hence, Gibson.

  2. I’ve wanted a dog for years but it has to be a DOG, one that looks like a DOG, makes DOG noises and barks like a beast… not something that can be mistaken for a rat or a toy and eaten by DOGS. Nothing that yips, thank you. And he shall be christened “Timber”, “Kaleho”, or “Rory”.

  3. Not that I would ever kick a dog, but a general rule for me is that we aren’t allowed to have a dog that I “could” kick over the couch. I estimate this weight to be approximately 20 lbs.

    I really have never kicked ANY dogs…nor would I…nor do I condone such actions.

  4. I’m not suprised that you’d want a dog — remember Pepsi? You were the one that would get up early with him when I couldn’t get up and you played with him the most those few days in AR.

  5. gibsondog: I agree! I want to take home every puppy I see. And it would be kind of nice to come home and know that someone is waiting to just see me.

    Pammygirl: Those are really good dog names. Maybe you should get three dogs to use all of them.

    morethananelectrician: That’s actually a good rule of thumb, not that I would ever kick a dog either or condone it, but I’ll have to keep that in mind if I ever am in search for a dog.

    Lynne: I do remember Pepsi. I probably took care of him in the morning because I had to be to work by 7 and was already up. He was just so cute I don’t know how I wouldn’t have been able to play with him.

  6. mutts are generally the best kinda dog verses a pure bred. Pure breeds are a pain. I’m not a dog person but somehow I’ve managed to become the owner of two English bulldogs: Borris and Natasha. It’s like having 2 two year olds around at all times and they listen about as well as a toddler too! But through out the years (mostly when I was single) I’ve always had some large stray dog adopt me and I was thankful for the company…even if they did drool, shed, pee on the floor, and bark at their own shadow in the middle of the night. I say you should get a dog.

  7. Great name for a dog. You’re right; they are considerable work. I think they are worth it, though.

    I can understand your concern about the hair. My wife and I had a golden retriever/lab mix for 10 years and we were constantly sweeping hair. Still, I’d give anything to have her back. That said, if you do ultimately decide to get a dog, you might consider a golden doodle or a labradoodle. I don’t love poodles, but the mix turns out nicely. More importantly, my understanding is that, most generally, they inherit the non-shedding coat of the poodle.

  8. scottie: If I get a dog I’ll most likely go the route of a mutt. Something from the pound for sure. 2 bulldogs sound like a lot of work but probably a lot of fun – love the names!

    Citizen D: Thanks for the advice. I’ll have to look into the labradoodle – I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that breed before.

  9. I have a cat which is all we’re allowed to have in the apartment, but my husband and I have been talking about dogs (and kids) but little does he know that I have names picked out for all. For some reason I want a dog, a real dog (big), and I want to name it Thor. I don’t know where this desire came from, but I am dead set on it (a dog, not a kid) being named Thor.

  10. We love our dog (she’s a 9-year old pug), but they are definitely a lot of work and expense…especially if you end up with a dog who eats dangerous objects (cat toys, peach pits, etc.) If we ever get another dog in the future, it will definitely be a mutt due to specific health problems that seem to go along with pure-breds.

    I hate to sounds negative about dogs. My pug is a great companion dog, doesn’t bark much, doesn’t destroy property…it just seems good to be prepared for a lot of work (and potentially money).

  11. Sarah: I think you should go ahead and get your dog and name him Thor! Though, it would be kind of funny to have a kid and name him Thor instead. It would be quite the story down the road…well, we really wanted a dog but you came instead so…LOL

    Allison: Thanks for the advice. Money is actually one of the biggest concerns I have with getting a dog. I’m hoping that if I go through with the dog that I won’t be too shocked at the expense it takes since it’s something that I’m calculating into the pros and cons.

    Pammy Girl: I have no clue!

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