7 Things I’ve Learned Since Starting a Blog

1.  I’m much more open and honest on my blog than I am in real life…at least when I don’t know someone that well.  I guess this isn’t much of a surprise since I don’t know the majority of people that read my blog and feel I have nothing to lose.


2.  There is a strange obsession people seem to have with speedos.  Almost 200 of the hits from my search engine have something to do with speedos.  Speedos on Daniel Craig, speedos on Beckham, men and speedos…very bazare people!


3.  I’m more willing to make comments on someone else’s blog than I would be to make actual conversation/comments to strangers in person.  Again, I guess it’s because I feel I have nothing to lose.


4.  There are A TON of witty, talented writers out there!  I love reading everyone’s blog (especially those of you on my blogroll) so thank you for making my day!!


5.  I never thought I would be as interested in a stranger’s life as I am.  I look forward to hearing what you are all up to and am bummed when there’s nothing new to read.


6.  It seems like the entries I make that I don’t think much about get the most comments from people.  And the entries that I think people would have something to say about, are left alone…odd.


7.  I’m a terrible speller!  I have to pull up the online dictionary for just about every blog I write.


7 thoughts on “7 Things I’ve Learned Since Starting a Blog

  1. This is EXACTLY why I’m somewhat bummed that people I actually know read my blog. I feel as though I need to censor myself so I don’t offend the real people in my life. How sad is it that I’m more honest about myself with strangers than those who (apparently) know me best?

  2. I think most people are more honest on their blogs than they are in real life. Probably because they have no other interatction with other bloggers than what they write. People start blogging with a clean slate. No one has any prior knowledge of you, expectations, or assumptions.

  3. No one I “know”, knows about this blog. It gives me the ultimate freedom to say what I really think and feel.

    I’d probably be more embarrased about the things that make me happy and feel good than about the things that make me angry.

    My spelling is ATROSHUS too.

  4. “Me fail grammar? That’s unpossible!” I had to use this Simpsons’s quote, I just had to, LOL! Thanks for your heart-warming comments. I feel that whenever I don’t blog, a little bit of me dies, it’s executed during a bank robbery, or has it’s secrets exposed in a most horrible manner. Please keep reading, blogging, misspelling and keeping us entertained.

  5. kelltick: hairy legs? I’m not sure which is more disturbing that or speedos…

    morethananelectrician: if absolutely no one I knew read my blog, I’m positive I would be a lot more open than I am. Maybe I should start up another blog and not tell anyone about it….

    duffboy: I love the Simpons! Even after what, 20 years, they still make me laugh. I know what you mean about not blogging. When I can’t think of something to write about I feel a little let down. Thanks for the encouragement.

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