Spokane Fun

This past week I headed out to Spokane to visit a former roommate from our freshman/sophmore year.  I’ve only seen her twice in the past 10 years or so and was ecstatic to go!  When she pulled up in Big Blue I knew I was in for some fun.  This van is indestructable and can only imagine what kind of trouble I could have found myself in if this had been my van in high school.




On Thursday night we went in for our pedicure and facial.  If you will recall, I had some anxiety about the pedicure because I think feet are gross but i will go on record officially as saying that it was FANTASTIC!!  I’m not sure it’s something that I’ll do on a regular basis but if someone else suggests it I just might have to go again.




On Friday we went walking around a local waterfall.  Julia and I wore almost matching pants that day:





On Friday night we had game night.  We were playing Shout About TV and Shout About Movies.  If you’ve never played you need to go out and buy it.  It’s an interactive game that you pop into the TV and play in teams.  The girls pretty much kicked the guy’s trash in all the games we played…yeah that’s right, girls rule!  I didn’t get a pic of it but I’ll post one of the girls of the house instead.




On Saturday Julia helped me get ready for the day:




Saturday night we had to make a run to Walmart but didn’t get around to doing it until midnight.  Leigh and I were so tired from cleaning her grandparents house, well she cleaned and I pretty much just stood there…sorry Leigh,  that we went in pajamas.  This is what I looked liked (those are not my shoes by the way but I was too tired to put on mine and tie them):




On Sunday I headed home and had to come back to work today…blech!  I had a good time and hope that it isn’t another few years before we get back together.  Thanks again Leigh for letting me take up space in your basement for a week!!





7 thoughts on “Spokane Fun

  1. I am sooooooooooooooo glad you were willing to fly out and spend some time with me and my fam. I feel terrible that we didn’t get out and do more….stupid weather. At least we had one night at the “spa” though. Glad you’ve accepted the fact that pedicures and facials are wonderful. 🙂 Thanks again for coming….I had a great time…..oh yeah, sorry about the cleaning of the grandparents house….what a nightmare. Nice that they had to show up on the weekend you were here….GEEZ!!! LOL! Tanner is already having Natalie withdrawls and has checked the room you slept in, just to make sure I’m not lying about you not being here. So cute.

  2. Leigh: Thanks again for letting me come hang out!

    morethananelectrician: I get kind of self concious in pics where I’m just smiling and looking “normal” so I prefer to make faces. Plus I think they’re more fun to look at. I’ll keep the advice about the blue water in mind!

    lynnard: Thanks, I thought I was looking pretty smokin in them.

    Allison: Those are the best games ever! Funny faces are the best – it’s good to stay silly every now and then.

  3. acrossthecreek: It was a nice waterfall but I’m not sure I would want my prom pictures taken in front of it. Though maybe it would depend on the weather – we were really cold that day!

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