Professional Family Photos

As I said in my last post, I’ve been sorting through a lot of photos lately and thought I would post some of our family through the years.  These are all photos we had taken though I know I’m missing a couple of them.


These were obviously before Robert came along.  How cute am I?  Ah good times!


Well Robert finally joined us a few years later.  Remember when floral prints were all the rage?  Apparently I do.


This picture was a surprise for my parents but I can’t remember what the occasion was.  Again, enough with the floral print already!

natalie_134ino.jpg  shepherd_209ino.jpg

The picture on the left looks like a bunch of floating heads.  My nephew is less than thrilled to be having his picture taken and you can’t even see half of my brother in law’s face.  So much for professional!  We look a lot better in the picture on the right that’s for sure.


We did take a “normal faced” picture this day but this one is by far my favorite.  And apparently my sister and I can’t decide if we like our hair long or short as it seems to change in almost every picture.  This last picture was taken years ago so I guess we’re up for another family portrait…yeah right!

14 thoughts on “Professional Family Photos

  1. Was I in prison in the blue and white family one? Please – someone should have put me in there for wearing that. Not to mention the hair…

    I think the suprise picture was for their wedding anniversary when I was home that summer

    I look like a freak in the floating heads one – I really hate it

    In that last family picture I was pregnant and looking awful – the guy also told me that those shoes I was wearing (if you can call them that) would not be in the picture. (My feet were swollen and that’s all I could get on them)

  2. By the way — I’ve got another one I can send you to ad – it’s a family picture that was taken the summer of 86 or 87…I remember we had it taken by some photographer in the lobby of the Holiday Inn. Who takes pictures in the lobby of a Holiday Inn??

  3. Allison: That’s a great idea! I actually very rarely take “normal” photos nowadays. I’m always making some sort of face. I like them better.

    Lynnard: Maybe you should go back to wearing your hair like that again. The picture you’re talking about is the one I can remember but don’t have.

    morethananelectrician: You should definitely try and find your old family photo. I believe it was one of my sisters that put my brother in stiped socks and a pink shirt LOL!

  4. I am deeply shamed, especially with how FAT I was in the photo where everyone looks as though we’ve just been put through electro-shock therapy. Don’t forget… we took photos last summer on mom’s porch. Didn’t I send you copies? They were actually very good, no one was wearing floral anything, everyone was smiling, everyone was visible, no one was fat, and best of all: the big hair fad seems to have finally disappeared.

  5. PammyGirl: I do remember the photos we took last summer but those weren’t professionally done and I only wanted to use pics that we had taken somewhere. But those were pretty good photos. I think mom gave me the negatives to those pics but I can’t find them. I never got copies of the photos. If you have some I would love them.

  6. I realize I’m really late to comment on this post, and I kinda feel awkward chiming in on something that is so “essentially” your family…

    …but I thought this post was just awesome.

    The fashions, the changes as your family aged over time, the proof of just how bad “Olan Mills” type photographers really are, It gives this brief moment of warmth in your heart, like “aw, I know them all just a bit better…”

  7. I think that you should be the photographer who takes the next family photo. And as always don’t forget to make the funny face in them!

    I think you’re right. I might be more willing to be in the photo if I’m the one that gets to take it!

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