Fashion Fiasco

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I am the poster child for what Oprah dubs as a Shlumpadinka.  This wasn’t always the case.  Where did I go wrong?  So I set out to prove that at one point in my life I was fashionable and put together.  I sorted through hundreds of photos to have documented proof of this mystical time in my life only to find these horrific images instead:


Ok so this picture isn’t horrific.  In fact I think I look pretty dang cute.  But there are a few things to point out: 1)  My hair is pulled back with yarn.  Creative but kind of funny and 2)  Check out my shirt.  The year is 1984 and it’s pretty obvious with the whole sweatshirt cut off look.  Though you can’t read the entire thing, my shirt says THRILLER.  And I know this wasn’t a hand me down because it’s child sized and Thriller only came out 2 years before this picture.



 So, yeah, um…that’s hideous!  To be honest, I really don’t ever remember actually wearing this sweater.  And if I did I blocked it out…and rightly so!


Unfortunately I do remember wearing this…and liking it.  What was it about the 90’s that designers couldn’t stick to one color or design per article of clothing?  Why did they have to mix everything together??


This one is my favorite of gross clothing pics.  I’ll start at the top and work my way down.  First of all, it’s hard to notice I had three holes in my left ear…and I put giant different colored hoops in each one!  I later added another hole to that ear but never put a hoop in it and for the record I now only have one hole in each ear with small studs in.  I’m wearing about 20 different extremely cheap necklaces and at least 8 rings that all turned my fingers green.  What in the world – did I think I was a gypsy??  The tie tied shirt is just ugly and way too big.  It wasn’t even my shirt.  I thought it was so cool that I begged my friend to let me borrow it.  And of course biking shorts.  What you can’t see, because the shirt is so big, is that I’m also wearing blue jean cut offs.  And they weren’t just basic cut offs – oh no.  I took scissors and cut slashes through the entire thing.  Sick and wrong.  Just sick and wrong.

While I might not be a fashionista, I at least know I’ve improved from this…..I hope! 


10 thoughts on “Fashion Fiasco

  1. Funny thing…I actually remember seeing you during the periods of the later pictures and actually thinking that some day you would look back and laugh…along with me & my own clothes that is!

  2. This has now inspired me to take a look through my old photos and see what kind of nasty I can find. I have to say that the goose sweater is appalling. I’ve never seen anything like it….and I’m glad. 🙂 I can relate to the tye-dye though…and the biker shorts. Ha ha ha. Wow. Although my tye-dye had NKOTB on it, so there. LOL! Ahh the good ol’ days. I look forward to seeing more pics of you.

  3. Actually, the Thriller shirt you’re wearing is mine. I had a purple one and Lynne’s was baby blue. Be grateful you’re fugly fashions were from the 90s… mine were sexy polyester get-ups from the 70s!

  4. Leigh: I can’t wait to go through you pics this weekend and see some of your fashion highlights!

    Pammy: *sigh* I forgot that you and Lynne have called dibbs on the planet and have seen/done/heard/thought/and owned everything in existence before anyone else.

  5. You couldn’t have possible worn that jacket – it was twice your size – and the sweater – no wonder you blocked it out.

    Off to more shlumpadinka

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