Freddy Krueger, Welcome

I’m one of those people who, aside from my freshman year in college, has always needed my 8 hours of sleep or more.  And I was one of those people that could just will myself to sleep for 10, 12, or more hours at a time if need be.  Those days are becoming a distant memory I’m afraid.  I still require at least 7-8 hours of sleep but no longer can sleep for hours at a time.  Maybe it’s what happens when you get older, I don’t know.  But I do know that for me sleeping is precious time not to be wasted.  So I’m peeved when my time of rest causes anxiety and stress that result in long, grouchy days.

Lately I’ve been dreaming that I’m at work.  And not in some bazare, tripped out version of work but I’m doing my actual day in/day out, run of the mill stuff.  This blows!  The dream seems to last all night and the night seems to last forever so when I wake up I feel like I never left my job.  I’m exhausted in the morning and begin to resent having to go in when I feel like I just spent the night there.  This isn’t the first time I’ve had these crappy work dreams nor is it the first time I’ve had a bad nights sleep because of what I’ve been dreaming.

In high school I ran relays on the track team.  Many a night before a meet I had that “I’m trying to run with everything I’ve got but I’m not moving dream.”  Everything is in slow motion, I can see other teams passing me, my coach is on the side lines yelling, and try as I may I can not reach the finish line.

I once dreamed that I got engaged to a former co-worker.  This was and is the worst dream I’ve ever had in my life.  I remember that I wanted to say no but said yes because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings (??).  My plan was to turn him down later in private (he had asked in a semi-public place) but somehow word got out to the rest of my co-workers and I felt stuck.  And sick.  The dream was so real that I literally woke in a panic until I realized after almost a full minute that I did not have a ring on and that nothing had been real.

I returned home after a year and a half or serving a church mission in Guatemala and a week later dreamed I was asked to serve another mission.  The real one was all fine and dandy but in no way did I want to go again especially after I just got back.  And the real kicker was that instead of going someplace cool like back to Guatemala, I was asked to serve in Little Rock, Arkansas –  only a half hour away from my mom’s house.  What?  No thanks.  But I was stressed in the dream because I felt like I had to accept even though the circumstance was so bazare.

Towards the end of my senior year in college I dreamed I wasn’t eligible for graduation because I was short one credit.  I went into the counselor’s office and went over my credits and pointed out that I had met all the requirements.  She then told me that I had failed my hula class (yes I really took hula one semester.  I went to school in Hawaii) and that was causing me my graduation.  Apparently there was no way to make it up and I went around the campus trying to make appeals to whomever would listen but kept being told that all classes were meant for learning and that if I couldn’t take hula seriously then how would I be able to take life seriously and make a difference in the world?  Yeah, it didn’t make sense in my dream either. 

Why can’t I have a dream where all I do is sleep?   I think someone has a twisted sense of humor…’s probably me.

10 thoughts on “Freddy Krueger, Welcome

  1. Dreaming about work…that blows!

    I have purchased a pillow speaker that tucks on the inside of the pillow case. I can play some kind of music that is very faint, but allows me to fall asleep without thinking about work or any other issues that go on in our hectic lives. When I roll over, I don’t hear it anymore…and it doesn’t disturb my wife, when I am not banished to the couch!

    It has seemed to help.

    My recurring dream is that my hot-air popcorn popper blows up while I am making popcorn. I used to have popcorn made from this popper about three times a week…I have been leaving it alone lately.

  2. I’ve never heard of a pillow speaker before but I think I need to invest! I used to fall asleep to the radio but somewhere between 2 and 4 in the morning it wakes me up.

    That would be disturbing to continually dream about your popcorn popper blowing up. I would stay away as well. Of course I’m not a big popcorn fan to begin with.

  3. I always have dreams that I can’t seperate from reality. And I always have to ask people if stuff really happened and they are always like, that was totally only a dream. It’s way confusing

  4. I hate bad work dreams! Normally near the end of tax season I start having number nightmares…I can’t ever get my credits to equal my debits now matter what number trick I try. Stupid numbers.

  5. sam: oh my gosh!!! i didn’t even know you had the address to my blog much less read it! geez, where have you been? now that i know you’re not dead i’m going to have to send you an email. sorry but i did not have arkansas winning any of their games in my bracket. And actually, i have UNC going all the way so…guess i won’t be cheering for the razorbacks this year. i just checked my status in my group and i’m winning as of this morning so yeah me! anyway, great to hear from you again!!

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