It’s the Little Things

I started writing this about all the little things that tick me off and after a handful of them I realized that making the list was getting on my nerves.  So I erased it and opted for this list instead.  Little things I really enjoy:

1.  Putting on clothes straight from the dryer so I feel warm and toasty

2.  Hitting all green lights when I’m going somewhere

3.  Finding a parking space at the front of the store.  Especially if it’s raining, snowing, or windy.

4.  Turning on the radio at the beginning of a long set of music with no commerical interuption.  And actually liking all the songs they play.

5.  Fry sauce and chocolate.  Though not mixed together.

6.  Becoming completely lost in a good book

7.  When someone lets me cut in front of them at the store because I only have one or two items while they have an entire basket full

8.  A hot shower after a day of working in the yard

9.  Waking up in a perfect cacoon of blankets in my bed and remembering it’s Saturday so I can go back to sleep

10.  Getting ready to pay for my purchase and finding out it was on sale for more than I thought

11.  Sunlight.  Especially after winter.

12.  Lemonade on a hot day.  Hot chocolate on a cold day.

13.  When I get a phone call from a friend I lost contact with.

14.  Receiving actual letters/cards instead of bills and junk mail.

15.  Looking through old pictures remember the fun times and asking myself “what was I thinking with that hair and outfit??”

16.  When I have a good hair day without putting much effort into it

17.  Inside jokes


5 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things

  1. YEAH! When was the last time I actually got a real letter? A loooong time ago.

    Checking my mail has been making my heart sink lately. Bills, junk mail, bills, junk mail…. blaaaahhhhhh.

  2. That’s good stuff!

    I love it when somebody takes mercy on me at the grocery store when I only have an item or two. It makes up for all the times somebody goes through the express lane with more than 20 items.

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