Lady, That’s Not a Toy

It always seems that when I go to the post office everyone and their mother needs to be there as well.  And they always have “problem” questions while I usually just need one little thing to be weighed.  I’m convinced it’s some conspiracy against me but that’s not the point of this entry.  There were three workers all helping customers and I was number 7 in line of what ended up to be 12 or so.  When I walked in there was a lady already being helped so I’m not sure how long she had been up to the counter but she didn’t leave until I was almost helped. 

This lady had three children with her.  There were 2 boys looking to be about 5 and 3 years old.  Then she had an infant who looked somewhere between 6-9 months that was on the floor in a car seat (I don’t have kids so I don’t  know if that’s what this thing is called that the baby was in but you get the idea).  Anyway, her two older boys are running amuck playing with displays and the stocked shelves of envelopes and whatnots.  I could understand at some level because I was likewise bored and wished I had something to distract me but seeing as I didn’t and was cranky, these kids were making me more irritable. 

At one point the younger of the two boys walks over to his little brother in the car seat and begins to play poke him.  At first there is a little bit of laughing from the infant but the other boy gets bored.  He pulls out a plastic grocery bag that was on the side of the car seat and preceeds to put the sack over the infants face smothering him.  I’m thinking holy crap am I really seeing this??  The mother turns around and yanks the sack off the infant and grabs the boy by the shoulder telling him something like “you never ever ever put things over someone’s face.”  I would like to interject here that the whole thing happened so incredibly fast that before I could say anything, and yes I was going to, the mother had turned around and removed the bag.  Lest you think I was going to just stand by and watch.

The boy sort of shrugged his shoulders and went off again to play with his older brother.  I don’t think it was a shrug as in I’m destined to be a deviant and have no concern for human life but more of a I’m 3 and I don’t understand the gravity of the situation and I want to go play because I’m bored.  The mother turned back to the post office worker to finish whatever transaction she was in the middle of.  But not before she handed the baby the plastic bag to play with as a distraction until she was ready to go.  WHAT??  That’s a plastic bag!  And a baby!  I don’t know what disturbed me more, that she would give the bag to the baby or that as I looked around to the people in line no one seemed to be bothered with it.  Or maybe no one had noticed. 

You know when you get that nervous, anxious feeling when you think something bad is going to happen?  Well that’s how I felt the whole time I was watching this kid with the plastic bag.  Thankfully the bag never came close to his face again and the lady finally finished, turned around, took the bag away and gathered all her kids out the door.  Talk about stress at the post office.


6 thoughts on “Lady, That’s Not a Toy

  1. Holy crap! What is wrong with people?? This mother especially! Good grief….just goes to show that some people should not be breeding. There should be some sort of pre-requisite to becoming a parent….sort of like taking a drivers test….there needs to be a parenting test. I’m sure among the questions, there would certainly be mention of the danger of plastic bags. Good grief.

  2. I see this with a disturbing amount of frequency too. I always feel my stomach drop and I get all nervous. I think sometimes that people just let the kids do what they want while the parent does what they need to do. Maybe (big hopeful maybe) she’s more careful in a controlled enviornment and it was just one of those “I’ve been here forever, let them run amuck so that we can get out of here” moments.

  3. I’ve noticed that the parents today are becoming hyper overprotective of their kids in ways they never experienced. I remember in the summers leaving in the morning with my friends on our bikes and not returning until dinner. This just doesn’t happen anymore. However, I never remember playing with plastic bags as a good idea. Those and matches.

  4. This is the problem with having too many kids, it’s how people manage to forget their child is in the back seat of the car while they spend the entire day in the office. Something is completely wrong with my brain, because I was laughing so hard when you described the kid putting the bag over his brother’s face. I’m thinking I should start looking for a psychiatrist . . .

  5. pamajama: When I hear those kinds of stories on the news about parents forgetting about their child in the car I just don’t get it. How can you forget you have a child with you? Maybe someday I’ll understand.

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