I Guess I’m Up For It…

Or at least we’re going to find out.  In a few weeks I’m heading out to Spokane, WA to visit with a former roommate from my freshman year.  In the past 10 years since we were roommates, we’ve only been able to get together twice.  My first visit to her house found me arriving the same time her husbands kids, mother, and sister showed up.  Plus they had to take an impromptu road trip for a day while I hung out at their house.  The second time we got together we met in Idaho Falls at a family reunion of sorts for her family.  In no way am I complaining (Leigh I’m really not!) and would do it all over again, I’m just saying it’s always under interesting circumstances and you just never know what’s going to happen.

So we book my ticket and we’re jabbering away at how excited we both are and she assures me that her in-laws/husband’s family are not going to be there this year and that they aren’t going to take a road trip while I’m visiting.  She calls me back a few hours later beyond excited and exclaims “You’ll never guess what we’re going to do when you get here.  I’m so excited!  My mom bought me two gift certificates to get an hour long pedicure and it’s at the same place I get my hair done so we can get a shampoo/wash and style.  Isn’t that awsome?!!”

Hmm, what to say?  I’ve never had a pedicure because I think the idea is gross and besides I’m very ticklish and this does not forecast to be a good time for me.  And I usually don’t get my hair done at salons because A)  I’m cheap and B) I hate having my hair washed by people there.  I know a lot of people find this relaxing but it stresses me out.  As soon as the water hits my head my whole body tenses and I have a viced grip on the arm chairs.  I have no idea why.  And while I’m at it, my work offers free massages every month or so and in 3 1/2 years I’ve never taken them up on the offer.  I can just imagine breaking out in hysteric fits of laughter as soon as they move below my shoulder blades.  Which is really too bad because I’ve had a kink in my back for a few weeks now.

So I tell her my bazare quirks and she still insists we go.  From her point of view it’s completely understandable.  These things make her relax and after watching her three kids all day this is the perfect way to get out of the house and unwind.  How bad can it really be right?  I guess I’m going to find out.

9 thoughts on “I Guess I’m Up For It…

  1. Good luck with that – I’m not a foot person either, but I’ve heard it feels good. No way would I ever be the person to give pedicures! Gross. That and being a dentist…oh so gross…

  2. Feet are gross.

    I can’t stand even being next to a vehicle that has a passenger with their bare feet on the dash. If someone did that in my vehicle they would be on the curb…in their bare feet.

    Civilized society has had foot coverings for thousands of years. I can think of no reason to have a pedicure unless you were going to show people your feet.

  3. I can only hope that you get more comments from people with some sense. 🙂 LOL! I certainly have no intention of showing off my feet to anyone….that’s not the point. It is relaxing and feels soooo good. I WILL convert you. LOL! I used to hate having my feet touched, or even the thought of it…..but this really will be a treat. Hey, if you can handle step kids, in laws, and a huge family reunion….you can certainly handle a measley pedicure. SUCK IT UP!! 🙂 You know I love ya! I’d say the pedicure is not something you should worry about, rather being trapped in my house with 3 small children. LOL! Oh, and I agree with Lynne….I would NEVER be the one to give the pedicure….gross! 🙂

  4. Lynne: I agree. Both are barfy. The only way I would touch someone’s feet would be to use a stick to jab at them.

    morethananelectrician: As grossed out as I am by feet I think you’ve got me beat. I’m one of those that put my feet on the dashboard but only in my immediate families cars on long road trips. And I do wear flipflops whenever possible which I guess show’s off your feet. But my issue is the touching. Ew and gross!

    Leigh: Sorry to tell you but you’re the odd man out. I am sucking it up and going but if I give the lady a black eye with my foot I hold no responsibility as she has been properly warned!

  5. For crying out loud! Someone has got to agree with me! You know how ticklish my feet are…..we have the pictures to prove it….but that’s another story. I felt the same way you do, and believe me, it took a lot of pressure from my stylist to get one. Now there is no going back…..they are amazing. I almost gave into your whining and changed the pedicure
    to a facial, but you’re getting the pedicure…..muah ha ha ha.

  6. Feet are nasty BUT… I believe in pedicures. I have sensitive feet and feel this drive to yank my feet away and then kick the person who is giving me the pedicure, but I hold myself back and am grateful afterwards. Try it just this once — you’ll be glad you did.

  7. I love pedicures, but I can’t do massages. I bruise so easily that a massage is usually torture for me. But, I love getting my hair washed by someone else. I’m sure it will be fun. Just try not to think about it.

  8. Leigh don’t change the appointment. I’m totally up for giving it a try. Though I’m sure I’ll break out into hysteric laughter as soon as we walk in the door.

  9. Just an FYI….be prepared to laugh the whole time we’re there. These women are hilarious, and it is pure chaos when we get together. 🙂 I can’t wait till April 2nd!! I wish it would just get here already!!

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