My Weekend in a Nutshell

I was elated to finally get away from here and head out to California!!  Here’s a quick highlight of what my sister and I did:

  • Craig Ferguson Show – I was happy to discover that he really is quite funny.  Before he came on I kept thinking, “there’s no way I can pretend to laugh at something for an hour if it’s just not funny.”  He was funny and my jaw hurt from laughing.  Bonus:  my sister and I were seated on the front row.  Not so bonus:  the warm up guy saying he used to work as a Chip and Dale’s dancer and the preceed to do some gross funky dance with his butt in some lady’s face.  Luckily they were on the other row.
  • On Friday we went to the Kodak Theatre and got to hold an actual Oscar.  Which will be the closest I get to actually receiving one.  Then we went over to Griffith Observatory and walked around for a bit.  After that, we headed back to Santa Monica and walked down to the beach and swung on the swings.  Bonus:  Fun pics like my sister putting her finger up the head bust of James Dean’s nose, the incredibly mis-matched tourists at the beach, and the little girl at the beach that declared to no one in particular, “I stink!”  Not so bonus:  Not sure actually.  Traffic and parking I guess.
  • On Saturday we went to San Diego to some African Safari Adventure Park.  Bonus:  The conductor on the train ride was incredibly enthusiastic and kept pointing out animals to us and telling us to look at their butts.  “The blah blah animal is over there.  You can tell b/c it’s butt is white.  Look over there at the blah, blah animal.  It has a spots on it’s butt….”  Not so bonus:   Hmm, can’t think of anything.
  • Sunday we went to church and then went for a walk to the Santa Monica Pier and all over really.  Bonus:  They had good food after church and I got some more good pics at the pier.  Not so bonus:  It was freezing!!
  • Monday we went to the Price is Right and then headed to the airport.  Drew Carrey is actually pretty funny as well and really friendly.  The energy on the set was crazy as everyone was totally jazzed to be there.  When we walked in I was really surprised to see that the set was so small.  On TV it looks like the contestant has to run 10-15 yards to get to contest row but really they only run 10-15 feet.  And everything is old looking and faded.  Bonus:  There were two women in line who’s name’s were Narda and Biserka.  These had to have been their actual names because we had to show ID a hundred times in order to get our name tag.  Not so bonus:  Waiting in line for 4 hours before actually getting into building.  Ridiculous.  I would think they would be a little more organized after all the years the show’s been on.

I had an awsome time and whish I could have stayed even longer.  Maybe next time.

6 thoughts on “My Weekend in a Nutshell

  1. Sounds like a great time – I hope I can get out there sometime too. How do you link your filckr photos? I tried to do that, but I couldn’t get it to work.

  2. We had a lot of fun – you should get out there. I’m not sure how to link the photos. Pam had to do it for me. There’s some link on flickr that you’re supposed to use but it wouldn’t ever work when I tried. She should be able to get it to work for you though.

  3. You shouldn’t be bored. You live mere blocks from entertainment and there’s A LOT to see a short drive from your apartment. Although I wish my visit could have been for longer than just the weekend.

  4. jenefur: It was SO MUCH FUN!! I recomend getting out there and trying them out. I wish I could have stayed there longer b/c I’m sure there are tons more things we didn’t get around to doing. Some other time I guess.

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