I Hope This isn’t an Omen

This morning I woke up 20 min. late and sprang from my bed a little before my actual body woke up causing me to almost fall flat on my face.  When I looked in the mirror, there were visable “pillow lines” running down the left side of my face from just above my eye down the middle of my cheek.  Very nice.  And to top it all off, I burned my neck with my curling iron.  I haven’t done that since Jr. High.  Not only does it hurt, there’s now a red welt on the side of my neck.  I flashed back to Jr. High and the inevitable question that came from my peers, “Is that a hickey??” they asked wide eyed.  It was embarrasing back then because it was at that awkward age and time where everything you did was scrutinized and I just wanted to blend in, for the love of all that’s holy I just wanted to blend in.  It’s embarrasing now because I’m 28 and work at a real job where my peers expect me to act with a certain degree of professionalism.  Not show up looking like trailor trash displaying night time activities for the world to see.  Good grief.  And I wonder now how people can’t tell the difference from an actual hickey and burned flesh?  Anyway, thank goodness I put little stock in daily fashon and I grabbed a hoodie (yes again) and ran out the door.  I did manage to still make it to work on time and am able to pull up the collar of the hoodie covering the burn without it being noticeable.  Maybe today won’t be too bad afterall.


3 thoughts on “I Hope This isn’t an Omen

  1. No need for apologies. Once I got to work and had a chance to check it out in the bright florescent lights of the bathroom, I too found it quite humorous. Thank goodness for Friday!!

  2. Sounds like a turtleneck situation 🙂

    I recently observed a young woman with a hickey on her neck (she was accompanied by a young male- the culprit, I assume) while waiting to be seated at a Mexican restaurant. Icky hickey.

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