If Only I Were Blond and Had a Dollar for Every Time…

Here’s for a good laugh at my expense.  For Christmas I got a hands free head thing for my cell phone.  I was pretty excited about this because I hate trying to fumble with my phone while driving (not that I’m incredibly popular and on the phone a lot but still).  Well, I hadn’t opened it until today and I tried putting the plug in the phone and it wouldn’t work.  So I’m thinking, well that totally figures.  Now I have to run down to the Sprint store and see if I can get it exchanged for one compatable with my phone.  So I go on down there and expain the whole thing and the guy picks up my phone and the plug and it goes right in without any problems.  And do you know why?  Because I had been trying to plug it into the socket where my charger goes and not where the headset is supposed to go.  Now that really figures.  I, of course, felt and looked like a total moron and tried to salvage any dignity I imagined might be there by joking it off with the guy by saying “Genius!  You fixed it.  Too bad you can’t fix moments like these.  Good grief.”


3 thoughts on “If Only I Were Blond and Had a Dollar for Every Time…

  1. This is the reason us guys don’t go around asking for help. We have no way out of that one.

    You are probably 5 times smarter that the “Sprint Guy” and his figuring out the plug crisis is about the limit to his technical trouble shooting capabilities. In that situation they normally take your phone and claim it needs to be reset to factory defaults, which will erase your entire phone/address book. Then sell you a different headpiece and phone…if you sign up for another year. Your guy must be new.

  2. Well I would like to think I’m 5 times smarter than the sprint guy but then something like this happens and wham! I’m at the bottom of the totem pole. Oh well, at least I can roll my eyes and laugh at myself. This will definitly not be the last time something like this happens I’m sure.

  3. Welcome to the “I Know I’m Smarter Than Most People But Because I’m Blond I Still Do Dopey Things (and get away with it despite what it does to my ego) Club. I’m the President. You may remember me from my ill-fated attempt to pay that smart ass Starbucks cashier but my money and hand were blocked by my car window. Duh. 🙂

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