A brush with rock and roll?

Well not quite but this was what happened my first day back home for the Christmas holiday.  My brother, who is a concert junkie, announced that he might be taking a little road trip that day (which also happened to be Christmas Eve) to help out one of his current favorite bands Resident Hero.  According to their myspace page, they left their guitars at the local Little Rock club Juanitas and had since moved on with their tour to Texas.  So after a bunch of tag emails and phone calls, the leader of this band figured he had no other option of getting his guitars back on time for the next show without the help of my brother – whom he didn’t really even know.  I decided to go with my brother and we headed down to Little Rock to pick up the guitars.  We were supposed to meet a club worker at Juanita’s but she apparently was in a hurry and met us at some church of the interstate and we then headed down to Arkadelphia which is an hour and a half drive from where we were.  Not too bad considering Ryan the band guy, was going to drive about three hours from where he was in Texas. 

We got to Arkadelphia about an hour and a half before Ryan showed up so I suggested we drive around and have a look seeing as how I had never been there before.  Let me just say, this town makes Rexburg look like a metropolis.  The ONLY thing there is a small college and that’s it.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  We did see God’s House and Clark’s STD Parts (I’m going to have to post the pics when I get a chance).  Finally Ryan showed up and he had brought along his grandma for the ride.  I guess they had a day in between shows and he is a Texas native so he had planned to spend Christmas Eve with his family.  Anyway, they offered to buy us dinner but they only place around that was open was McDonald’s (gross) and then they offered to fill up my brother’s car but he had just done that so it didn’t take much.  Then this guy gave my brother a new CD that his band is working on for their next album and my brother was thrilled.

So my first day back turned out to be fun had by all, I got to spend one on one time with my brother whom I rarely see, he got to meet the lead singer of one of his favorite bands, and Ryan got his guitars back safe and sound.  And who knows, maybe one day this band will get signed and will make for an even better story.


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