A Little Shout Out!

I want to give a shout out to Boyer’s Garage here in Provo.  Yesterday I had to take my car in to get it serviced and once again I was extremely happy and appreciative of the crew there.  When I first moved out here I had to no clue as to where I should take my car for maintenance checks so I went to Jiffy Lube because it’s internationally known and I figured at least it had that going for them.  Yeah, and that’s about the only thing they have going.  Honestly I should have known better than to take my car to a place that shares a name with peanut butter.  They completely overpriced everything, tried to get me to “fix” other things wrong with my car, and then put premium everything in so I had to maxium dollar.  Not cool!  I realize I don’t know anything about cars but I do know when I’m getting taken advantage of.  And what really sucks besides not knowing anything about cars, is that I have no family around here and my friend’s are just as clueless as I am.  Plus because I’m a girl the scamming is at full throttle. 

After that experience I knew I had to find somewhere else to take my car.  So while driving around I came across Boyer’s.  My mom suggested I take it there because she remembered it being a family business that was around when she was a little girl.  So I did and boy am I ever relieved.  I have been taking my car there for almost three years now and NEVER once have they overcharged me, tried to get me to “fix” other things with my car, never pressured me to use them for every little maintenance problem, and have never talked to me like I’m an idiot because I’m a girl.  Everyone working there is incredibly friendly and very honest.  And to top it off, yesterday when I took my car there it was pretty early in the morning and my ride back to work was a no show.  I figured I would just have to walk back because I couldn’t wait the whole time while they were servicing my car.  But when the owner found out I would be walking back he offered to drive me back to work instead.  I was so grateful because I don’t even think it was 25 degrees out.  He even offered to drive my car back when it was done but I declined because I knew I could find a ride later. 

As a single woman living far away from family, who knows nothing about anything mechanical much less cars, Boyer’s has definitly stepped up and proved that the bad reputation car mechanics get is not always deserved.  So thank you Boyer’s for actually treating your customers with respect and honest service!  YOU RULE!!


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