Damn you Lifetime!

Let me start off by saying other than re-runs of Reba and Still Standing, I do not watch Lifetime.  It’s a man hating, everybody has a terminal illness, gee I guess I really do love my family more than work TV network.  So for the love of all that’s holy, would someone please tell me why I have been watching these sappy made for TV Christmas programs ALL DAY!!?? Literally.  I turned the TV on around 8:30 this morning and it’s still on almost 13 hours later.  Did I go to church?  Nope.  Did I even go outside?  Not really.  Did I get dressed?  Try again.  Did I do ANYTHING that would be considered productive?  Uh uh.  So thanks a lot Lifetime with your feel good, overly sappy, life is always perfect if you just believe load of crap.  You’ve successfully helped me to accomplish nothing today.

2 thoughts on “Damn you Lifetime!

  1. Mwahaha! Lifetime: Television for Women. 13 hours watching that crap? You couldn’t find any reality TV to satisfy your brainless craving? In Laurie Notaro’s book ‘I Love Everybody (and Other Atrocious Lies), she writes an essay on her grandmother’s obsession with Lifetime and her inability to distinguish it from reality. A must read. Hope you don’t turn into her nana.

  2. I can’t remember if I read all of that book or not. I don’t remember that story anyway. Today a co-worker told me that the majority of shows on Lifetime are based on real life stories so maybe it is like watching reality TV. I refuse to believe that about the Christmas movies however. No way can someone’s life be that sappily (word I just made up) “perfect”.

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