Old McDonald had a farm…

I was reminded of this funny story the other day and thought I needed to write it down.  A few years ago I was visiting my sister and her family.  At the time my nephew was 7 and my niece was 4.  The three of us were downstairs playing on the computer when my nephew told my niece she was a chick.  She got a little upset and insisted that she was a girl and NOT a chick.  But my nephew kept persisting in a sing song voice “Brooklynne’s a chick, Brooklynne’s a chick” and then added “Natalie is a chick, Natalie is a chick”.  Well Brooklynne was getting angrier and insisted that both she and I were girls and not chicks.  So I stepped in and said, “Brooklynne it’s ok.  I’m a chick.  And Kendall is a fox.”  Much to Kendall’s delight b/c then he started chanting, “I’m a fox! I’m a fox.”  Well not to be left out Brooklynne shouted, “Then I’m a horse!”  HAHA kids can be so funny sometimes.

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