Circle Circle

Dot dot. Guess who got their flu shot? Yep I got my first one today. My work was offering them for free so I thought why not? A co-worker signed up to go at the same time as me but when she found out that it doesn’t offer a 100% gaurantee she won’t throw up she decided it wasn’t worth it.  Me? Well I haven’t been sick in almost two years, so here’s to keeping it that way.

2 thoughts on “Circle Circle

  1. I threw up a almost a week a mere 3 days after getting my flu shot. Could my vomiting have been worse had I not received the shot? Would I have barfed at all without it? Don’t know but I opted NOT to get a flu shot this year.

  2. Didn’t you wait until January before you got your shot? No wonder you got sick, you were probably already infected by the virus. So far so good. No vomiting or any other symptoms. Although my arm is sore and feels bruised.

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