I am now dumber for having watched that


Yesterday afternoon I was sitting in my room surfing the internet while also having the TV on. I had just been flipping through the channels and stopped on VH1. It was in commercial and so I left it there to see what the program would be. It was I Love New York 2. I don’t know how many people watch this show or are into reality programming but let me just say don’t waste your time. Unfortunately this is not the first time I’ve stumbled onto this show and actually watched for a while. And not just this show. Going back to the day there was Strange Love which led to I love Flavor Flav seasons one and two which then led to I love New York seasons one and now two which also led to Rock of Love starring Brett Michaels. And these are just the ones I know about. I think there was another one where the girl was bisexual and had to chose between both guys and girls but I digress. What a complete mess of crap. And other than that last one I mentioned, I’ve seen bits and pieces of all. They’re like a car accident that you can’t help but stare at as you drive by. The episode I was watching lastnight was so dumb it was actually humorous. New York had called in some sort of psychic to read the souls of the men fighting for her affection. They then had to sign an oath with their blood. The psychic goes off about how spirits don’t like liers and later in the episode some lights fall and things fly off the fire place. What a hoot! It totally freaked out the cast and I couldn’t help but think of the stagehand off to the side wetting his pants from laughing so hard at the prank he just played. But after about 40 min of watching this I suddenly had this thought, “What the hell am I watching??” and promptly changed the channel and waited for Desperate Housewives. After all, if I’m going to watch crap it’s going to have a plot and beautiful people starring in it dammit!


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