A picture is worth a thousand words…and then some


My job consists of scanning slides/negatives/photos for a well established, internationally known corporation. I’ve been here at this job for 2 1/2 years and other than the typical office politics I like it. I pretty much set my own schedule and manage my own area. I get great perks and bonuses from the company – everything from free products to extremely discounted prices. However, over the past couple of years I’ve been “privy” to a not so great perk. Nudity in images. Yes folks, I said nudity. And in the case of slides/negatives (which is my main work area) the images are only visable AFTER they’ve been scanned. I honestly do not know what possesses people to take nude photos of themselves and send them in to be scanned and preserved forever. Since we are an internationally opterating company, I can bypass photos taken in Europe at beaches where the women go topless. To me this is a part of their own culture and lifestyle that while I may not practice, can still understand and tolerate. But I’m talking about full nudity shots while in the shower or walking around the bedroom. A while back I was scanning some negatives of a couple that looked like they were on vacation. Right in the middle between snapshots of the local historical buildings and an amuesment park were pictures of the two of them doing the deed in their hotel room! DOING THE DEED!!! Um, hello I don’t work for the porn industry! And while we do have a strict no scan policy on these types of images, the damage had already been done. I send a plea to all those contemplating photographing this type of extracurricular activity….DON’T DO IT or at the very least DON’T SEND IT TO ME!!

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