Speedos = Vomity Grossness

      I was having a late night discussion with my sister a few nights ago and I can’t remember how, but we got on the topic of speedos. My stance was EWW! they’re disgusting no matter who’s wearing them, whether it’s some overweight, harry, old man or some celebrity in complete and total top physical condition (she sent me this pic of Beckham sporting them).   beckham_211x350.jpg     There is only one possible exception and that would be Daniel Craig in the latest Bond movie but even those weren’t really speedos but more like short shorts. Well a day or two after this conversation I was sitting in church and the first speaker was a guy from England. He started his talk by joking how he speaks the Queen’s English which was the closest thing to the Celestial language and how England was as close to heaven as we can get to on Earth. He got a few chuckles (although the high counselman got more when he said that he was from India and that England had ruled India for 200 years and then said they (the English) aren’t that great but I digress). So after his intro, my mind wandered and I started thinking about what I’ve heard concerning England and really all of Europe. I decided that sure, they may have a much richer history, better chocolate, cooler accents, and more romantic men. But they also condone and practice the wearing of the speedo. This alone could prove why America trumps all!!


3 thoughts on “Speedos = Vomity Grossness

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  2. You can wear what you like but I like speedos. I think it is absolutely normal kind of men’s swimwear and I don’t understand why people talking so much about this. Much more better to swim in speedos than in big wet board shorts – this is not swimwear.

  3. Yeah I agree! EWWW!!! They’re not meant to be worn out in public. It’s as if the man is wearing a pair of briefs.

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