Head ’em up and move ’em out!


To relax after a week of work and who knows what else might come my way, I hit the dollar movie every Saturday. It’s my time away from the world where I can sit mindlessly and be entertained for two hours without worries or problems. But what should be a time of bliss is continually interrupted by kids. What I don’t understand is why parents feel it’s a good idea to bring their children to the movies. Granted, if I were going to watch a G rated cartoon I would have no bases for complaints. But I’m not. Forget about what seeing a more grown up film might do to kid’s imagination and nightmares it might cause, why would you bring a child too young to even sit still for that long of a time frame? I went and saw The Simpson’s Movie a few weeks ago – very funny by the way – and there was a kid about 6 sitting two seats down. First of all, really a 6 year old shouldn’t be watching the Simpons in the first place, and secondly, through the whole thing he would stand up, then sit down, stand up, sit on the top of the chair and slide down. Then his leg would go over the armrest, then back down, then stand up…I think you get the point. Meanwhile, his dad was completely oblivious to anything his son was doing. I thought I would smack them both. A few years ago, one of my Young Women’s teacher said that they had taken their little girl (i believe was 3 or 4 at the time) with them to see some rated R movie. She said every time someone was shot she would have to say that they’re just playing a game. Good grief. I bet the people sitting around them had a ball. I don’t go to parks and play on the equipment, don’t try to join in on a play date, don’t go to the kid’s section of the library during some sort of kiddie corner whatever, and if I were to ever start playing in the McDonald’s jungle gym guess what…I would be kicked out. So tell you what, I’ll stay away from you, if kids (and I’m really talking to your parents) stay away from me. And start with the movies would you!

2 thoughts on “Head ’em up and move ’em out!

  1. So I didn’t have anything to do tonight and I found myself reading magazines at Target. Of course no one was anywhere near the magazines when I first arrived, but within a minute, some guy showed up with his 3 year old daughter who kept shouting and running around. As soon as they left, another lady and her crabby kid came around, and then 2 more whiney babies. Within 15 minutes I counted 7 crying kids under the age of 2. It was 9:30 pm… why aren’t these kids in bed? It’s so annoying.

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